Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation as partner of Web-InUnion project has contributed in realizing three of the Innovation Union Commitments in the Western Balkan, including Commitment#1 that has bee supported by promoting EURAXESS and C&C principle among research community in Albania.

ARTI has undertaken a public campaign aiming at spreading information and promoting EURAXESS and C&C principle in Albania.  The target groups of this awareness campaign were public and private universities in country; scientific research institutes, technology transfer centers, international nongovernmental organization, the private sector and SME-s. 

During project life time ARTI has organized more than 15 Information Days. More than 300 researchers have participated in these events.

The most successful achievement of this campaign is the endorsement of C&C by 6 Albanian Research Institutions: 

  1. Agency for Research , Technology and Innovation
  2. University of Tirana
  3. Agricultural University of Tirana
  4. University of Gjirokastra “Eqerem Cabej”
  5. Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water & Environment
  6. Association B.A.ZH NGO