In March 2010, the Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (AKTI) (Partner 6) has started its activity as a public, legal institution under the competences of the Council of Ministers.

AKTI aims at building a modern system of science and strengthening the role of S&T in Albania.

The establishment of the Agency was approved by the Albanian government in August 2009 soon after the launch of the cross-cutting Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation.

AKTI operates as a coordinating structure for national, bilateral and international programmes and projects and cooperates with different institutions in the field of R&D. Its mission is to evaluate, finance, monitor and manage programmes and projects in the fields of science, technology and innovation in Albania. AKTI contributes to the establishment of infrastructure and instruments, which implement S&T policies by playing a leading role in the creation of a science and technology culture. Among others, the Agency also aims to fund projects of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and the renewal of technological equipment of SMEs.

Key personnel:

Robert Dumi, (Technologist engineer), is Director of International Relations Directorate in The Agency for Research Technology and Innovation, Albania. The Department of International Relations Programs follows the administration, management and implementation of all programs Bilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation with other countries, the International Program of Scientific and Technological Cooperation of International Organizations. In the past he was Director General of National Tourism Agency.  

Erisa Lame Head of Multilateral Relations Unit / Directorate of International Programs, Agency for Research Technology and Innovation Albania. In the past:  National Short Term Expert on the project “Support to the Albanian Ministry of European Integration” (SMEI II), GIZ  - Albania; Local Culture Strategy Support Officer, CHSED Project – UNDP Albania ; Expert on European Union Integration, Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports; Lecturer, Conceptualizing and Teaching  the subjects of “International Relations”  and “Globalization and Integration”, Albanian University.

Rajna Spaho (Lawyer), Expert, Bilateral Relations Unit/ Directorate of International Programs, Responsible for: Promoting, coordinating and monitoring of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with the European Union, other countries and international organizations in implementing programs and projects the field of Science, Technology and Innovation.