Roger D. Kornberg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2006, was invited in an event organized by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) on the occasion of the Greek Presidency of the European Union Council. Roger Kornberg was one of the 23 distinguished scientists who in 2012 undersigned a petition for the support of Science and Technology in Greece.

In his speech, Prof. Kornberh stated: “As little as $50-100 million per year, allocated on the basis of exceptional merit, to the most worthy individuals and to centers of excellence, will fund dozens of world-class laboratories. Not only is this a trivial amount in comparison with other national spending, but the return of such an investment will, in time, exceed that obtainable by any other means. It will lead to the creation of tech industries of all kinds. It will transform every aspect of national activity, from information to energy to industrial production to agriculture to biomedicine and more.”

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