A new law for Research and Innovation is expected to be voted by the Greek parliament next week. As explained by the General Secretary for Research and Technology, Dr. Vasilakos, the new law is flexible, modern and reflects the needs of the research community. The new law connects research centers and universities with industry realizing the so-called “triangle of knowledge”: “Research – Innovation – Entrepreneurship”. 

The new law introduces a series of novelties such as:

A.The National Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation of seven years duration

B.The National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation will be consisted of 15 members

C.Increased role of administrative regions of Greece in planning and implementing the Research and Innovation Policy

D.A “Liaison Office for Research and Innovation” is introduced in all ministries

E.New mechanisms for researchers’ career development, outbound mobility, fellowships for early-stage and post-doc researchers (especially women)

F.Networks, partnerships and mergers among research organisations and the private sectors for the implementation of significant S&T projects

G.Motives for the exploitation of research results either through patents or through further industrial exploitation

H.Simpler rules for the implementation of projects 

For more information, visit: http://www.ictplus.gr/default.asp?pid=30&rID=34254&ct=0&la=1 (in Greek)